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Iron Man has not been released yet, but will be available in the upcoming I am Iron Man event. Iron Man takes 310 shards to unlock, and he will come at 5 stars. He will most likely be extremely hard to get as you need 5 Shield characters to play in the event, and will probably need to be a high level to even participate, much less unlock him. Nobody knows how long the event will last, but the two other events at this point are the Elektra and Crossbones event, and those will last for almost a year, so you should have a good amount of time to farm for him.

Stats Edit

Starting Stats Edit

Abilities Edit

Name Description Upgrades
Repulsor Blast Attack primary target for 80% damage. 30% chance to Chain to up to 2 adjacent targets for 70% damage.
Rocket Barrage Attack all enemies for 50% Unavoidable damage. If Captain America is your ally, attack all enemies for 60% Unavoidable damage instead.
Unibeam Attack primary target for 460% damage.
Stark Upgrades Gain 1-% Extra Crit chance.